First Look at Amano's Shinjuku Illustration

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics announced "Shinjuku" -- an illustrated novel drawn by internationally-acclaimed artist Yoshitaka Amano. The breathtaking work of Amano last graced an illustrated novel over a decade ago in his book with Neil Gaiman, THE DREAM HUNTERS.

Myspace.com Comic Books present an exclusive first look at this new work by a legendary artist. Be sure to check out all the sketches.

Set in the year 2020, Shinjuku is the story of Daniel Legend an American Special Forces soldier turned licensed private bounty hunter. He is a loner who travels the globe capturing criminals and now must journey to Shinjuku, Tokyo to save his sister. Armed with his wits, metal storm pistol and a mysterious cryptic five year old post card. Simon sets out to save his family and accidentally saves the world. Look for Shinjuku next summer.

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