Trinity Blood: Silent Noise Vol. 2

The "Trinity Blood" line-up includes an anime, manga, and in this case, a series of light novels, which have always been of excellent quality. I am a great fan of all the current light novels and manga available, but am most particularly impressed with the second volume of Trinity Blood's "Rage Against the Moon" light novel tier: Silent Noise. While the other novels were great in their own respects, I felt that the plot development and turn of events were a bit formulaic and hence, borderline predictable, even down to the side-character level. However, "Silent Noise" is anything but formulaic. While still maintaining the essence of "Trinity Blood," this volume brings more suspense, riveting highs that keeps you hooked, and even more sinister and daunting villains.

The story centers around a sort of doomsday device, a mysterious weapon holding the titular label Silent Noise. This unusual weapon has the ability to annihilate entire cities leaving only rubble in its wake, without any sort of warning and no evidence of the source responsible for the desecration. This adventure is one that takes Crusnik Abel Nightroad at his limits, unearthing his past and apprehensions, as he is faced with an enemy not like any other he's met before. If you were only able to watch/read one "Trinity Blood" piece that represented the entire franchise, "Silent Noise" would be it. This volume alone revitalized my steady interest in "Trinity Blood."

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