Jyu-Oh-Sei Available in English Subs

FUNIMATION has posted downloads for all 11 English-subtitled episodes of the Jyu-Oh-Sei science-fiction adventure anime series. In this adaptation of Natsumi Itsuki's manga, two twin brothers must fend for themselves when they are deposited on a untamed planet after witnessing their parents' deaths. While Funimation announced its acquisition of this anime at last year's Anime Expo, it has yet to announce DVD plans for it. Each episode costs US$1.99, and the entire series costs US$16.99.

Other English-subtitled series that Funimation's video service offers include Black Blood Brothers, Rumbling Hearts: KimiNozo, Shuffle!, Trinity Blood, and Witchblade. Tokyopop announced its acquisition of the original Jyu Oh Sei manga at last year's Anime Expo also, and it will release the first volume at the beginning of next month. [Source: ANN]

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