True Tears

What may seem like an ordinary high school romantic story, turns out to be a refreshing, sincere, and subtle anime series, all to its own advantage. "True Tears" follows a boy Shinichiro and the confusion and woes of high school life. Living in the same house as Shinichiro after her parents died about a year ago is Hiromi, of which Shinichiro is certain there are tears behind her gentle smile. After four episodes, the love triangle has ballooned to craziness - he loves her, but she loves this other guy who loves this other girl, or does he?

It's rather hard to explain the story since it is still airing in Japan, but it's definitely worth a shot. You've got a great scheme of characters and hilarious outtakes here and there. No matter your genre preference, I think "True Tears" does the trick. Who knows, if you're good enough you may be presented with some red seeds care of the quirky Noe-chan :P

Bandai has also claimed the english license for "True Tears" and will be released in May 2008. As discussed in a previous entry, hopefully we won't have to pay too much of a high price for the early release.

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