Halo 3 PVC Statue

Kotobukiya proves once again it has the chops to whip out an awesome Halo 3 figure. This
10-inch tall PVC statue of Master Chief in the field of battle is fully assembled and ready to display out of the box. Highly customizable, and highly detailed, this figure is the second release in the ARTFX Statue series.

Straight from the press release: With a discharged grenade at his feet and the bubble shield dissipating, Master Chief readies his armaments and begins to rise. Master Chief holds two M7 SMGs (Caseless Submachine Guns), or you can switch the bonus arms and have him grip his Assault Rifle. When not using the Rifle, it can be stored on his back. Additional hands are also included for expression, and as a special bonus for fans that collected the first Kotobukiya ARTFX Statue, you can swap weapons and hands with the first release!

Retailed at $99.99, the figure will be in available in August 2008. All I've got to say is that I love the whole effect that bubble shield has on the entire statue as a whole. Thank you, Kotobukiya, thanks again.

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