Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed

The word "Shigofumi" comes from the combination of the Japanese words for "after death" (shigo), and "letter" (fumi), which literally translates to "after death letter." Based on the 4-part Japanese light novel series by Tomoro, Yuzawa, "Shigofumi" follows Fumika, a mail carrier who delivers letters called Shigofumi written by people after they die to the living recipient. The letters' contents vary -- divulging the identity of their killer, a last message, and their deepest sentiments. Fumika and her rather talkative magic staff named Kanaka, encounter the living as they make their deliveries - an interesting story revolving around life and death.

"Shigofumi" may be grouped together with other related anime such as "Death Note," "Bleach," "Jigoku Shoujo," and "Shinigami no Ballad," but once you get down to it, "Shigofumi" reveals just how unique and inticing it is. The end of the episode 1 will leave you surprised and without divulging any more details that may spoil the series, I will end here. If you enjoy anime such as "Noir" for example, you will enjoy this series. The OP/ED theme songs and voice characterizations paint an accurate depiction of what the anime has it store.

Currently airing in Japan, this 12/13?-episode anime series, will make a surprisingly early appearance in the U.S., but with a huge catch. Bandai Visual USA will be releasing the DVD this May with a hefty price. A 7-disc release is planned, with each 2-episode disc priced at $39.99, each 1-episode disc priced at $29.99, putting the cost of buying each complete series at $270. R2 prices may not sit well for R1 otakus. I guess this will all depend on what the entire set will hold.

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