Devil May Cry 4

"Devil May Cry 4" returns and makes a spectacular next-gen debut appearance. The final end result proves itself to be definitely worth the wait.

After popping in the disc, be ready for a couple more minutes of wait for initial installation (PS3) and a review of the entire DMC story. Once that's out of the way, it's time to crank up the insane action meter on full blast.

Its sick action sequences and combos, fluid controls, and the perfect new character, Nero, to complement the legacy of the ultimate anti-hero Dante, all dictate the perfection that is DMC4. Story development is nicely paced, not extremely surprising, but just right. In fact, DMC4 seems to be on point in all respects -- soundtrack, gameplay, boss battles, and all. While the puzzles are little drawn out for me and doesn't offer to much excitement, the variety of enemies and battles undoubtedly compensates.

Excluding the underlying story and characters we all know so well, the visual effects are beyond imagination, even in this next-gen era. If you thought Square Enix were the masters of video game eye candy, with developed stories to match, DMC4 may serve up some nice competition. Without a doubt, DMC4 produces beautiful visuals and incredible cutscenes that never cease to amaze. They are, to say the least, spectacular and with incomparable quality and uniquely balanced. And thankfully enough, they are not in low stock.

Just to quickly note, the collector's edition is generously packed with some sweet goodies within the tin case, including a bonus DVD with the DCM4 soundtrack and the first volume of the "Devil May Cry" anime series (review coming soon).

Refreshing, beautiful, breathtaking, and stunning, this is the game experience I've been waiting for, for what seems like years. Get ready to be blown away with an inflation of delight and enduring satisfaction.

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