The Walking Dead Episode 5 "No Time Left" Release Date Confirmed

Telltale has confirmed that the fifth and final episode of The Walking Dead video game series, "No Time Left" will be coming out on November 21st for most platforms, and a day earlier on the Playstation Network! What better time to celebrate Thanksgiving than with zombies and finding out what becomes of Lee and crew.  If you've been keeping up with the episodes, you know how high the stakes are now.

At the end of each episode, stats of what decisions you and other players made are displayed.  It's always interesting to see where you fare with the rest of the world.  And the video below does just that for episode 4.  Be warned though, if you have not played all 4 episodes yet, do NOT watch this video.  Major spoilers ahead.  But if you have though, the by all means, please partake.  It serves as a nice summary and segue to the final episode. 

For those holding off until the retail version comes out (and for those who want the physical game), the wait isn't much longer either.  Remember, the standard version with all five episodes will cost $29.99 and the GameStop-exclusive collector's edition is set at $69.99 and will get you the full game, as well as a huge Walking Dead Compendium collection, assembling the first 48 issues of the comic series.

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