Mass Effect Mordin Solus Bust

Our favorite talks-a-mile-a-minute Salarian is coming to us in a beautifully hand-scultped polyresin bust.  Looks like Mordin may be the first of a series of Mass Effect busts...or at least this fan is hoping it is.  (I recall a prototype Garrus bust earlier).

Each piece is individually cast and handpainted and stands 8 inches tall.  Mordin comes with a detachable headset; a sculpted and embossed base with the text "Someone Else Might Have Gotten It Wrong."

Retailed at $50.00, you can preorder yours now at the BioWare store.  And if you put your order in before November 19th, you can get Mordin for a special discounted price of $40.00.  This is a spectacular piece to add to any Mass Effect fan.

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