Fifty Evangelion 3.0 Character Goods Revealed

What better way to commemorate the release of Evangelion 3.0 You Can [Not] Redo than with just about 50 awesome character goods to be sold by theaters starting this Saturday. Well, 46 awesome merchandise to be exact.  You can expect to find the usual (and beautiful) clear file folders, stickers, pens, straps, and different mobile goodies.  But within the 46 items are some special picks that have got this EVA afficianado giving her gotta-have-it face.

If I were lucky enough to make it to theaters in Japan, my shopping list would include:

  • Item 17 - Who doesn't need a letter opener?  So why not make it a spear letter opener?
  • Item 22 - Sure, there are plenty of keychains out there, but this one has got that special something.
  • Item 25 - Why not a monolithic way to tell time with this Seele-type clock...
  • Item 31 - To all the Ritsuko lovers, you gotta have an official Nerv ashtray.
  • Item 35 - And you'll definitely need a pass case when you catch the train.
  • Item 38 - My personal favorite is the perennial calendar that is made to last...genius-ly styled after the Nerv elevator floor number display.
  • Item 43 - Because we all get hungry eventually, why not have some cookies with Kaworu's silhouette?
Check out the entire list here and full catalog photo here.  And while you're at it, be sure to drop me a line if you find it in your heart to pick up some items for me from my wishlist :) From one Eva fan to another...

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