Yoko Kanno, Blue Dragon, + EVA on iTunes

A couple of big releases on the Apple iTunes Store to announce. First up, we have Yoko Kanno's newest album, CM Yoko 2. Now available in iTunes Stores in numerous countries including Japan and the U.S., the digital release arrives 2 months before the planned April 22 release on standard CD. This particular CD contains a collection of her commerical themes.

Next up is the Blue Dragon anime series, adapted from an Xbox 360 RPG co-created by
FF's Hironobu Sakaguchi and designed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. Viz Media has announced that the first episode of the Blue Dragon anime series is available for free until March 10 on Apple's iTunes Store. The free offering marks the availability of the first 13 episodes in the series on the online digital media store. Blue Dragon, at one point, was being broadcasted on Cartoon Network but has since regrettably been pulled from the line-up. But good news for those who missed it, the story of Shu is now just a click away.

On the apps forefront, the Appliya software company has announced that the official Evangelion Clock and Picture Stamp applications are now available in the iTunes App Store in the United States. This is truly the icing on the cake for every EVA fan. The Evangelion Clock emulates the NERV headquarters timer screens of the anime to tell the time with optional sound effects and "emergency" countdown timer. The Evangelion Picture Stamp is modeled after the photo booths that are popular in Japan; users can take photographs and decorate them with Rei hairstyle overlays, mecha and characters from the anime, and backgrounds -- definitely a source of hours of fun. [Source: ANN]

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