The Pre-Katsu 15 Rush: Day Zero

Anticipation and high adrenaline levels was the atmosphere that greeted me tonight, the day before the official start of Katsucon 15. Excitement has filled the Hyatt with pre-registrants, including plenty of cosplayers, anxious to get the party started. The line to pick up the coveted Katsu badges wrapped around the lobby several times, marking the first official line of the con. The attendance cap has definitely brought in more pre-registrants, at least from the looks of the line. And according to the website, about 1,600 more tickets are available for on-site registrants. So with that, it's time to make some final touches on my costumes, then it's a good night's sleep.

I leave you with a little tidbit of information that I've been waiting months for...that is, the location of Katsucon 16.

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