Miyazaki Planning Next Movie

Interesting discoveries and updates were made in the latest episode of Toshio Suzuki's radio talk show, Ghibli Asemamire, at Tokyo FM. Takashi Murakami, this week's guest, announced that a special "Making-of" on Miyazaki's "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" will be released, either by Studio Ghibli or NHK). The making-of will be 14 hours long, and will include edited videos NHK shot during a two-year period.

The juicy news that followed should ease any worries of Miyazaki fans. Suzuki noted that Miyazaki is currently planning his next movie!!! No further details were provided, but this is exciting news nonetheless. I'm ecstatic to hear that Miyazaki is not planning for retirement just yet, especially as he had already unsuccessfully tried to in the past. Yatta! Miyazaki...Miyazaki...WE WANT MORE! [Source: Ghibli World]

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