Live Action Blood: The Last Vampire Teaser

With increasing talks of Hollywood Live Action adaptations of our favorite anime titles, it's hard to remove the unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. But just like I agree that despite being pro-sub there are some good english dubs out there, I have to believe that there has to be some adaptations that do justice to the original work. When I first reported on the live action adaptation of "Blood: The Last Vampire," there was something about it that told me not to judge ahead of time - that this adaptation shows promise. It's months later now, and a 31-second teaser is now streaming and I have to say, my first impressions are positive.

South Korea's Jeon Ji-hyun (under the credited name of Gianna Jun) plays the main character Saya, a 16-year-old sword-wielding girl hunting down supernatural creatures. Japanese actress Koyuki plays her opponent Onigen. The film will open in Japan on May 29 (under the title Last Blood), in the United Kingdom on June 12, and then in France on June 17. No American release plans for the movie have been officially announced yet. The Korean news website Star News reported last August that Universal Pictures acquired the domestic distribution rights, but the reported 2009 American release date is unconfirmed. [Source: ANN]

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