Silent Hill: 0rigins

"Silent Hill 0rigins" takes us back a notch to the beginning of it all and attempts to explain what made the town of Silent Hill the eerie, twisted place that SH fans have come to know very well. Making a handheld gaming debut, SH 0rigins takes full advantage of the PSP's capabilities and brings us once more into that foggy world of pain, insanity, and horror.

You play as Travis Grady, a lone truck driver with a mysterious childhood. While making a delivery one dark and storm
y night, Travis encounters a young girl on his path. Before he knows it, he wakes up to find himself in a town we all know as Silent Hill. Little does he know that his fate is intertwined with the Order and Alessa and Dahlia Gillespie.

Gameplay is very fluid and delivers the right elements that paint a world of isolation and fear of the unknown. As always, SH focuses more on the underlying story and less on combat, and "0rigins" lives up to that creed, even more so. This may lower the degree of constant anxiety throughout the game, but luckily not enough to destroy the game. In fact, "0rigins" does an excellent job retaining SH's long time integrity and story, and has definitely done justice to the franchise. With the exceptions of some combative elements, its in-depth story, spectacular visuals, extreme detailing, and of course, the perfect soundtrack to match, make "0rigins" a stellar success. Akira Yamaoka never disappoints, so grab those headphones and uncover the secrets of Silent Hill.

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