Haruhi Madness Prevails

Whether or not you're a stark raving "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" fan, you are definitely aware of the infamous and catchy ending theme song of the anime and its corresponding dance. If, for some unbeknownst miracle, having been immersed in anime life for x years, that you aren't fully versed in every movement by now, here's the original anime ED:

This "Haruhi" dance has become so popular that it's common sight at anime conventions, anywhere cosplayers gather, and of course, on the streets of Akihabara, as shown in this example:

But never have I seen or even imagined that a "Haruhi" performance would take place in a prison. Being part filipino myself, I was left in a state beyond words. So without further ado, I bring you the inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines. One wonders if this isn't some form of cruel punishment. (Note to self: don't get imprisoned in the Phillipines).

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