Among the many great anime series and movies I watched during Anime USA, "Claymore" definitely sits on top of that list. First aired in Japan a couple of months ago, "Claymore" is set in a world of co-existence. On one end you have your "run of the mill" humans, and on the other lies creatures called Yoma. The Yoma are sentient monsters that feed on humans. They are capable of shapeshifting to the human form and by consuming a human's brain, are also able to absorb their memories within it. This power gives Yoma a great advantage of blending in the crowd under their human disguise.

In the middle stands an unknown organization made of warrior hybrids called Claymores, who are created by implanting Yoma flesh and blood into humans. But with great power, comes great risk. A claymore has super enhanced abilities, but when pushed to a certain limit and their Yoma-half allowed to grow, a Claymore can become an Awakened Being, growing all the more powerful, and intelligent, yet losing all humanity and transforming into the very monsters they hunt and destroy.

The story of "Claymore" focuses on the Claymore warrior Clare. A deep and intertwined story develop as Clare grows stronger and struggles to hold on to her humanity, while the mysteries of her past is gradually unraveled. "Claymore" brings an intense experience throughout the entire series. With its awesome fighting sequences, unique allies and enemies, beautiful animation, and all around balance, "Claymore" no doubt brings something new to the table. It's been a while since an anime series of this much caliber has surfaced.

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