Kristine Sa at Anime USA Night 1

Kristine Sa gave a spectacular performance at Anime USA. She has an adorable personality which allowed the audience to connect with her immediately, making the event all the more enjoyable. The song selection was great varying from English to Japanese to Vietnamese songs. Singing some anime songs from the famous Anime Tunes CD, a selection of songs from her CD "Hopeless Romantic" including "Redemption," "Consequence," and "Forbidden Fruit," and ending with a heart-warming song sung in Vietnamese inspired by scenes from "Final Fantasy X-2." Before we knew it, encore songs were performed and the night was over too soon.

While performing a cover of one of my favorite songs "Every Heart" as made famous by the one and only BoA, Kristine steps off the stage and I ended up right in front of her...definitely a highlight of the event.

Check out Kristine Sa's Myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/kristinesa for more information and great music tracks and PVs.

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