Director Satoshi Kon Passes Away

There has been speculation through some posts from Twitter that anime director Satoshi Kon passed away today at the age of 47. This news apparently coming from a tweet by Gainax's Yasuhiro Takeda.

Kon has been a true visionary, redefining innovation in anime and it's hard to imagine a world without his genius. I am sure many will agree, but Kon could do no wrong. Many of the titles on my top lists include Kon titles.

Each one of his titles brought something unique and unlike anything anyone had seen before. Perfect Blue; Millennium Actress; Tokyo Godfather; Paprika; Paranoia Agena; Memories!

I am still trying to gather up details, but I am at a loss. I will update as more information is revealed.

UPDATE (8/24/2010): It saddens me to confirm Satoshi Kon's passing. Jim Vowles, a member of the Otakorp Board of Directors for the Otakon convention, announced that director Satoshi Kon has passed away. The staff of Otakon confirmed his passing with MADHOUSE studio founder Masao Maruyama.


Volks 1/4 Bayonetta Figure

For the collector that has to have their hands on the highest quality, the piece de resistance, the creme de la creme. The collector that is always waiting for that incredible figure. Not your 50 dollar figure, not your 100 dollar figure -- they just don't do it for us. Just not good enough. If you belong to the same group I belong in, then listen up.

Volks finally gives us color shots of their 1/4 scale Bayonetta and the wait for me has been worth it. All that work finally comes to fruition and I gotta say, I am speechless. It's absolutely brilliant, insanely detailed, and _____ _____ _____!!!!!

This stunning beauty carries a hefty price, rightly so with the level of caliber. Retailed at 46,000 yen, are you ready to shell out half a grand? If so, take my hand and join me. Bayonetta will be available for purchase next weekend at Chara Hobby. It is currently an event exclusive, so getting your hands on her will take some work. [Source: Volks]


AC Brotherhood Collection's Edition Details Announced

Decisions, decisions!! I hate making decisions. The question isn't whether to buy the collector's edition or not, but it's which version do I get (and hence, where do I get it from)??!? HELP!!!

Regardless of where you buy your collector's edition, The Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition will come with one awesome creepy-tastic jack-in-the-box. If you go the Gamestop way, you get the Harlequin; if you go any other way, you'll get the Doctor.

In addition to the jack-in-the-box, the collector's edition will include: two exclusive single-player maps (Aqueduct and Trajan Market), an art book, a "hard copy strategy map" of Rome, the game's soundtrack and a disc containing trailers, a making-of video and a preview of the AC: Brotherhood comic.

So, which version will you be getting? I think I am leaning towards The Doctor, but I keep wavering. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is due out this November 16th with the Collector's Edition set at $99.99.


Hikaru Utada on Hiatus

Singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada has announced on her web diary on Monday that she will go on an indefinite hiatus from her musical career starting next year. Before she takes time off, she will release her Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol. 2 album this fall. This will be her first "best-of" album in six and half years, and it will include her recent songs such as "Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro," "Be My Last," and "Beautiful World," as well as new material.

Utada explained in her Monday message that since she began her musical career at the age of 15, there is a part inside her that stopped growing. When she will return to music is still undetermined, but she said that she feels it will probably be after she has had time to grow a little as a person and naturally wants to share her music again. She added that she does not know if it will take two years, five years, or however long it will be.

Utada is an internationally known, bestselling pop artist born in New York City and raised in Japan and the United States. Past works include her debut album, 1999's First Love, Kingdom Heart's Hikaru and Sanctuary, and Evangelion's Beautiful World and Kiss & Cry. She recently released a U.S. album entitled, This is the One, and toured the U.S. and U.K. last year. [Source: ANN]