AC Brotherhood Collection's Edition Details Announced

Decisions, decisions!! I hate making decisions. The question isn't whether to buy the collector's edition or not, but it's which version do I get (and hence, where do I get it from)??!? HELP!!!

Regardless of where you buy your collector's edition, The Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition will come with one awesome creepy-tastic jack-in-the-box. If you go the Gamestop way, you get the Harlequin; if you go any other way, you'll get the Doctor.

In addition to the jack-in-the-box, the collector's edition will include: two exclusive single-player maps (Aqueduct and Trajan Market), an art book, a "hard copy strategy map" of Rome, the game's soundtrack and a disc containing trailers, a making-of video and a preview of the AC: Brotherhood comic.

So, which version will you be getting? I think I am leaning towards The Doctor, but I keep wavering. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is due out this November 16th with the Collector's Edition set at $99.99.

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