Volks 1/4 Bayonetta Figure

For the collector that has to have their hands on the highest quality, the piece de resistance, the creme de la creme. The collector that is always waiting for that incredible figure. Not your 50 dollar figure, not your 100 dollar figure -- they just don't do it for us. Just not good enough. If you belong to the same group I belong in, then listen up.

Volks finally gives us color shots of their 1/4 scale Bayonetta and the wait for me has been worth it. All that work finally comes to fruition and I gotta say, I am speechless. It's absolutely brilliant, insanely detailed, and _____ _____ _____!!!!!

This stunning beauty carries a hefty price, rightly so with the level of caliber. Retailed at 46,000 yen, are you ready to shell out half a grand? If so, take my hand and join me. Bayonetta will be available for purchase next weekend at Chara Hobby. It is currently an event exclusive, so getting your hands on her will take some work. [Source: Volks]

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