I'm always on the look out for something bold and new and I've been waiting for another Playstation 3 title that will wow me. inFAMOUS may be the one to deliver on that. After a short cutscence of a city-wide explosion, you are thrust in the shoes of Cole, a bicycle messenger, who's about to wake up from his coma to find a very different world. He finds that things aren't in the best conditions, in fact, it's in pretty bad shape. The federal government has quarantined the city leaving people in the hands of a deadly plague and where gangs have seized control of Empire City.

But that isn't to say that Cole is completely helpless. For he has gained the ability to shoot lightning bolts from his hands. His electricity-based powers are new and refreshing. It ups the ante in quality pairing a cool idea with great ease of controls and seamless movement. You can really feel Cole's agility and wide range of movements as you jump, climb, run from building to train track to building.

The story is solid with incredible character development and excellent pacing. The more you progress in the game, the deeper you get immersed in it. And what's more, inFAMOUS is truly an open-world. Rather than being confined to static storylines, you have choices to make and those moral choices are up to you. Will you become the hero and bring salvation to all? Or will you harness your anger and seek pure revenge?

inFAMOUS is whole-heartedly, one freaking incredible game! I can't wait to get home and see how this ends.


Animenerdz said...

this is going to be the SH*T

k said...

i want a PS3!