HearJapan announces the release of 8-BIT PROPHET, a CD of classic songs by J-Pop legends TM NETWORK done entirely in chiptune style.

Chiptune is a style of music defined by its use of relatively simple synth 8-bit synth sounds popularized by early video game music. This release is unique in that it is the first time in the genre Vocaloid software was utilized to render the female lead vocal in a similar timbre as the accompanying synthesized music.

HearJapan President Nathan Reaven says, "Japan is the birth place of video game culture and, of course, video game music. It is thrilling to see this well loved composition style is still going strong". He added, "we are thrilled to be doing our part to keep this style alive."

Individual tracks are priced at 150 yen each (about $1.50 US), full albums are discounted. Check it out here.

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