HearJapan Brings Anime Classics - Remixed

Tokyo, JP June 24, 2009- HearJapan announces the releases of ANIPUNK, WCDA, the Michio Noguchi Quartet, and ANIME MANIA-- four very different albums with a common goal-- to share engaging new versions of Anime classics.

Each group of songs takes a drastically different approach with equally memorable results. Ever think you'd hear the theme from Evangelion done as a punk rock anthem (ANIPUNK), a stylized house remix (WCDA) of Space Battleship Yamato, a trance remix of the theme to Lucky Star (ANIME MANIA) or a sophisticated jazz version of Ghibli classics (Michio Noguchi Quartet)?

"The response has been overwhelming" says HearJapan president Nathan Reaven, "these albums take Anime songs to new heights by spicing up the music to appeal to old and new fans of these classics alike".

Individual tracks are priced at 150 yen each (about $1.50 US), full albums are discounted.

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