Strait Jacket

Phenomenal. Simply Phenomenal!! "Strait Jacket" delivers a quick blow of perfection within a mere couple minutes into the first of three episodes. I haven't felt such an instant adrenaline rush like when I first saw "Ghost in the Shell" or even "Full Metal Alchemist" for what seems like ages.

In a world where magic and science coexist, dangers and repercussions always ensue. While human beings continue to use magic in their everyday life, the chance of turning into demons are lurking. Enter the tactical sorcerer, humans who use that very same power to put these beasts at bay. Only problem is, every time they use said power, they are one step closer to becoming the very beasts they hunt and destroy.

Reiott Steinberg is an unlicensed and very skillful tactical sorcerer, with a past that will later catch up to him. Like other tactical sorcerer, he wears a "mold," a sort of strait jacket that keeps him human. The invisible curse lurking around the corner...to use the power or not, fight or die.

Aired in Japan November 2007, Manga Entertainment has been granted licensing rights. You can expect "Strait Jacket" to hit anime shelves around August 2008 in the U.S.

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