NOISE Vol. 1

A science fiction adventure set in the Tsutomu Nihei's "BLAME!" universe, "NOiSE" serves as a prequel to the epic ten-volume manga and focuses its spotlight on Detective Mosubi Susuno. While investigating a series of child kidnappings, her own partner, Kloser, is viciously murdered. The investigation takes a brutal turn and Detective Susuno is suddenly confronted by the killer known as "The Order." -- and his sadistic silicon creature.

If you are no stranger to "BLAME!," you know you are in for a treat. The story and art of "NOiSE" is so animated that as you move from panel to panel, you begin to realize that words may not be needed. Volume 1 moves very swiftly from one major scene to another. This dark and visual journey is so fluid, it'll keep you invigorated even after you've reached the last page.

Included in this volume is a five page supplemental chapter entitled “Negative Corridor,” followed by “Blame,” Nihei’s debut work and an early version of the BLAME series

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