Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

Production I.G. and acclaimed director of the Ghost in the Shell: SAC Series, Kenji Kamiyama, transforms Nahoko Uehashi's fantasy novels to a compelling and beautifully animated series in a project entitled "Guardian of the Sacred Spirit (Moribito)."

Balsa, a 30 year old female bodyguard equipped with a spear as her weapon, revisits a place called Yogo after two years. As she travels into town, she encounters and saves a child named Chagumu, who turns out to be the second prince of the Empire. After a quick turn of events, we learn that Chagumu has been possessed by some spirit that has compelled his father, the Mikado, to order his assassination. At the Second Queen's request, Balsa undertakes the mission to protect Chagumu.

"Guardian of the Sacred Spirit" is wonderfully done. A keen attention to detail is immediately evident in both the characters and their surroundings. It has been a while since a refreshing series such as this has emerged. With one episode alone, "Guardian of the Sacred Spirit" accomplishes much and shows us just how an anime should be. If you get a chance to watch this series, don't hesitate.

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