Junjou Romantica Suzuki-san Plushie

Readers, you know I love BL.  I love "Junjou Romantica". I love teddy bears, and the Bear of Bears for this BL lover is none other than Suzuki-san.  Imagine as I weep over having yet another JR goody dangled before me but unable to reach across the giant pond to Japan so I can grasp and hug the stuffing out of it.

Here I present to you the Suzuki-san plush, one of the many treasures to come from Shungiku Nakamura's series and its honoring at the Animate Cafe (you can read my news about the event held back in July 2012 and my hunger pains here.  Sitting at a tall 23 inches and sporting a red plaid bow to compliment his round ears, face & body, Akihiko "Usagi" Usami's best bear from England will cost you 8,500 yen from Korder.com.

He's soft. He's adorable.  He should be in my home.

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