Animate Cafe's Junjo Romantica Inspired Menu

Oh, how my heart aches and my tummy grumbles!

If you are fortunate to be in Japan this month and a member of CLUB animate, you have the fantastic opportunity to enter the drawing to attend Animate Café’s “Junjo Romantica” event. Commemorating the series’ 10th anniversary, the limited edition menu will allow lottery winners to partake in delicious dishes inspired by Shungiku Nakamura's [and my favorite] BL that would make Misaki Takahashi proud.
I’ve never wanted to eat an Octopus-shaped hotdog more than I do right now! And there is yummy omelet with hilarious “I like dogs” ketchup-written topping! And there is even Suzuki-san shaped ice cream for dessert! That’s not even the beginning of the menu’s hearty plates and drinks (ichigo daisuki!), with each section of the menu dedicated to the couples of Romantica, Egoist, Terroist and Mistake! The chefs may have even finely minced green pepper into all the dishes, and while I share Usagi’s strong dislike of the green vegetable, I would be willing to lose 1,000 yen to each cook to have the bountiful meals on my table!

While your belly would surely be satisfied by all the tasty food, your heart will be warmed by the plethora of fabulous swag and shopping, including Suzuki-san coasters, Suzuki-san plates, Suzuki-san mugs, Suzuki-san chocolate cookies, “JR” clear files, secret prizes and much, much more!!

Sadly the much-filled-with-love “Usami-sensei no Fuwa Fuwa Omlette Special Deluxe” is not on the menu. I’d be willing to risk Usagi’s food poisoning if it meant I could attend and grab some of these goodies.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sob into my peanut butter sandwich… T_T

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