Viewfinder Ryuichi Asami Doll Photos Released

Is it possible to put a price on your love for BL? How much are you willing to pay to support your favorite character or your favorite series? Well, all of you fans of Ayano Yamane’s "Viewfinder" better sit down, balance your check books, plan a summer lemonade stand franchise and consider whether or not you really need to have two arms, because you are about to pay, and pay big.

Hop over to the b-boy website and feast your eyes on crime lord and uber gorgeous seme Ryuichi Asami in doll form. Brought to you by Aozone International, Asami stands at an amazing 25 inches and features a real fabric three-piece black suit, black overcoat, white dress shirt and burgundy tie. And to top it off he can be posed and his silky black hair can be styled.

The cost of Asami is 99,750 yen. To save you from having to pull up whatever website you use to convert your yen to dollars I’ll tell you that’s over $1,200! Don’t grab your inhaler just yet. It doesn’t seem that you’ll be to get your hands on him from any online store unless you took part in the pre-orders quite a long time ago; however, if another set for ordering is not released, surely someone on Yahoo Auctions Japan will tempt you to bust your checking account should this be a must have for your collection.

Would I be willing to spend over a $1,000 on a single BL item? Handsome as he is, I am willing to pass. Those who know me best are aware of particular items I desire, but unfortunately (or perhaps thankfully) they only exist in my mind. However, the fact that Asami is now indeed in doll form makes me wonder if my mind better start imagining a second job…

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