Mass Effect M-3 Predator Replica

Replicas can be strenuous to the wallet.  No doubt about that.  But as a person who is guilty for splurging, I can say in my defense that these beautiful replicas are more often than not, extremely detailed and simply stunning (not to mention being very limited to a few hundred pieces),being its very own reason for the hefty price tag.  I still revel in my replica Aperture Laboratories Handheld Portal Device.

Project Triforce adds another incredible replica to their steed with its latest Mass Effect 3 M-3 Predator full scale replica!!  This handy and powerful side arm can be yours for 400 bucks and is available for pre-order NOW!  Crafted and cast from polystone, the M-3 measures 1 foot in length, weighing 10 pounds and features working LED effects.  Of course, the M-3 is limited to only 600 pieces worldwide.  And if it's anything like the long sold-out M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle, you know you're in for top quality.  If you prefer, Triforce also has the M-3 available as a custom edition for $450.

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