Fujimi Orchestra on DVD

I like BL. I like Shota Takasaki. I like Yusuke Arai. That being said you can imagine that I have certainly been following the live action adaptation of Akizuki Koh’s Fujimi Ni-chone Kokyogakudan Series: Kanrei Zensen Conductor (Fujimi Orchestra Series: Cold Front Conductor).

Fujimi Orchestra’s concert master and first violinist Yuuki Morimura's (Takasaki) life becomes turned upside down when the amateur group surprisingly lands “musical genius” Kei Tonoin (Arai) as their new conductor. Strict doesn't begin to describe Kei’s style, but when the orchestra sees a mass improvement in their playing, the adoration of its members is off the charts… except for Yuuki, who feels like a failure as its stand-in leader. And it surely does not help when he begins to believe that his friend and long-time crush (played by An Assassin star Sayuri Iwata) is in love with the man who scrutinizes everything, including his violin playing. A defeated Yuuki believes the only thing left to do is quit his position in the orchestra. If everything Yuuki believes is true about hard ass Kei, it would stand to reason that the conductor would be pleased with the turn of events; however, much to Yuuki’s surprise, Kei is adamant that he not leave and confesses his love for him! This is only the beginning of our boy’s love story…

It’s not worth sugar coating the plot. As with the manga, drama CDs and novels, it can be hard to swallow the romance of our main couple at first, namely because of what can only be seen as rape during their first intimate moment together, even if brought on by what the characters would call "a misunderstanding”. Still, there are many elements to Fujimi’s story that have made the story a hit BL in Japan. Drama, romance, a touch of comedy and classical music desire to hit all the right notes for you viewers.
Fujimi will be available starting June 6th at CD Japan and YesAsia.

Meanwhile, sit back and relax to watch the movie’s trailer.
And if that wasn’t enough, you can watch a clip of the movie too!
Now everyone shout it with me.... "STOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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