Bad Teacher's Equation Volume 3

There are few manga that can perk me up when I'm feeling low and one of them is most certainly "Bad Teacher's Equation" (that's "Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki" to those of you familiar with its Japanese title). Once more I must thank Digital Manga Publishing for releasing the Bunko editions under their June division of fine yaoi and BL titles (ARIGATOU!). The third volume of Kazuma Kodaka's comedy continues to follow the sweet and hysterical events of high-school student Atsushi Arisawa's romantic relationship -or at least the hope of such- with the gorgeous (and self-proclaimed straight) Masayoshi Shibata. Minor spoilers ahead!


It's been an uphill battle for our starry-eyed teen to land the school nurse and, through perseverance and "winning" a gentlemanly agreement, he finally succeeds to acquire that long desired date! However, if previous chapters have taught us anything, Arisawa's wish won't be without it's issues like Masayoshi's brother-complex, the hazards of an amusement park, fawning girls and a nosy foursome of friends & family determined to oversee (and, if lustful best friend Inagaki has his way, ruin) Arisawa's first and perhaps last date with his dream man. This is only the start of the many laugh-out-loud moments from the volume, which also include the introduction of the over dramatic & spiteful Haruhiko "Sunshine" Satsuki (whose constant misinterpretation of events leave him to believe Masayoshi is a gay playboy!) and Atsushi's attempt at creating sexy dreams with childhood pictures of Mr. Shibata under his pillow only to wind up in what could be called "Nightmare on Yaoi Street."

Hilarity is balanced with drama in "BTE" as arranged marriage talk arise in the Shibata household and an interesting new woman, Mizuha Toda, enters Masayoshi's life. Atsushi begins to doubt the possibility of ever becoming the one-and-only to his one-and-only. But what may seem like a cliche injection into any yaoi storyline receives the Kodaka treatment as our adolescent is given a much needed pep talk from Masami and goes "into battle" with Mizuha's father to stop any possible funny business between beautiful daughter and playboy-face Masayoshi at a hotel in one of the funniest moments from the book:

Atsushi: "You need to burst in there and yell, 'I won't let you have premarital sex with my daughter!' Okay?! And, I'll do what I can to hold back Mr. Shibata!"

Toda: Er... Right!


Of course any good yaoi has a healthy infusion of romance and feelings accumulate into touching confessions in this volume as Atsushi puts his heart on the line once again. Though seemingly naive, his forwardness make him appear the more adult of the two. Masayoshi begins to set aside his fears of being spurned by love for a chance at real happiness with someone who accepts both his merits and his faults. If Atsushi can meet his conditions of becoming a strong adult who really means what he says about love, he'll wait for him; otherwise, the curse he places on Atsushi for forgetting about him will take effect. How is he cursed you ask? Well, let's just say I'm with Atsushi when he pleads to be cursed again. ^_~


The artwork may look dated to you newer BL lovers out there. After all, "BTE" first started in 1993 (the clothes certainly reflect it). Plus there is no denying the current look of the 10-year gap between thin Atsushi with his serious boy school haircut and the laid-back adult Masayoshi. But as volumes progress and characters age through years, Kodaka's style matures into something more akin to those familiar with her "Border" series without losing the essence of its roots. And please believe this long time fan when I say cute, little Arisawa's steps into adulthood is worth the time put into the series (love and milk does a body good).


"BTE" is rated 18+. Violence is mostly comical with the exception of a drugging for devious intentions by "Sunshine." Nudity is at a minimal with nothing more than a brief shower scene for you out there who prefer the ladies. Other than a disturbing hook up between two surprising character (thank you censorship blur! 0_0), for those of you looking for more than passionate kisses between the books main couples, you'll have to keep taking a cold shower until the next volume. One of the things I find refreshing from "BTE" is that our characters don't just jump into bed for the heck of it (no matter how much Atsushi might want it; sorry kid!). Sometimes it is nice to enjoy the little things and Atsushi's innocence with his stealing kisses can be quite sweet. Though his attempt to be more adult in an earlier scene sets up for has a very comical ending when he shows off his proud work to Masayoshi's friend and brother's lover, Toru:

Starry-eyed Atsushi: "See? This hickey right here is from me. I did a good job, didn't I? ... That's it. I'm going to start focusing my studies on how two guys properly make love! That way... I'll make sure that I'm able to satisfy Mr. Shibata when we..."

Terrified Masayoshi: "Save me...! Toru...!"

Most stores won't have volume three for sale until March 13th, but no need to wait! Online retailers Akadot and Yaoi Club have it in-stock and discounted today! Don't forget while you are there to pick up volumes one and two, if you don't have them already. With these being Bunko releases each book is two of the original Japanese volumes in one! Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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