Ai no Kusabi ~retino~ DVD Volume 4

Attention "Ai no Kusabi" fans!

Feast your eyes on the very sexy cover art of Iason and Riki for the 4th DVD! “Ai no Kusabi ~retinio~” will be on sale starting April 18th in standard, Blu-ray and Blu-ray lmited editions. As with previous releases the Blu-ray limited edition will include a script, a character keychain (hello Katze!), booklet and special present. This time our bonus gift is a 3D Crystal. I’ll admit that I’m not sure what this crystal exactly is as a prototype pic has not been posted, but I am certainly intrigued.

Volumes “petere” and “pardo” are still for sale at CD Japan and volume three “congressus” will be available starting March 31st (Blu-ray LE bonus for this volume is a sleeve to hold all of your DVD collection; the perfect excuse to start your collection if you haven't already).

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