Hello Kitty x Evangelion

Sanrio's easily recognizable and iconic Hello Kitty brand is no stranger to massive collaborative projects. Wrapping myself around attempting to name them all has got me dizzy.

From the makers that brought us Yoshikitty, for example, comes another collaboration that has got my full attention (and wallet). On one side you've got Hello Kitty, and on the other Evangelion.  The two join forces creating what may be the fourth impact.

Just in time to commemorate this fall's theatrical release of Evangelion: Q (Rebuild of Evangelion, You Can [Not] Redo), the collaboration will feature EVA pilots 00 Rei Ayanami and 02 Asuka Langley.

10 companies will open the flood gates in the form of stationery, general merchandise, and apparel.

[Source: Sanrio]

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