God of War Art Exhibition

Prepare to feast your eyes on the beautiful and exquisite artwork of God of War. If you are a fan of the video game series, then you know the stunning art , the dirt and blood and awesomeness of God of War.

This Saturday night, May 29th, the Gnomon Gallery will open its gates of Olympus for "The Art of God of War III." The opening reception will run from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.
Showcasing the dark brutal world of ancient Greece, this exhibit features the imaginative concept paintings and impressive 3D assets created for the hit Playstation 3 video game, God of War III, and provides an opportunity to meet the artists that make the world of Kratos come alive.
Artists include:
  • Cecil Kim
  • Andy Park
  • Jung Ho Park
  • Izzy
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Erik San Juan
  • Kevin Anderson
  • Katon Callaway
  • Tyler Breon
  • Peter Tumminello
  • Chris Sutton
  • Nate Stephens
  • Timo Pihlajamaki
  • Bryan Koszoru
  • Sukru Gilman
  • John Dobbie
  • Lewis Walden
  • Robert Taube
  • Ryan Peterson
  • Paul Coda
  • Shane Estanislao
  • Wade Mulhern
  • Mike Altamirano
  • John Palamarchuk
For more information, be sure to check out the gallery's site.

If you are fortunate enough to be in the Hollywood area, you won't want to miss this. (I'm really getting tired of these east coast woes...if anyone is going, please let me know. I'd love to get your insights and pictures).

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