Official Silent Hill Attraction

Sinister Pointe, the mind behind the official "Saw" haunted attraction, teams up with Konami to bring us a fright that is sure to grab your attention and scare you out of your wits. That's right, ever imagined stepping foot in Silent Hill and striking fear onto yourself?

Enter the Silent Hill Haunted Attraction. The Silent Hill maze is located in Brea, California and will feature elements from both video games. The fright begins October 2nd. Be sure to check out Sinister Pointe at www.sinisterpointe.com for more details. Cue the nurses...

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MsDarkness said...

The Fear one is not based off the game F.E.A.R. but is in fact a spin off of the popular Saw interactive attraction concept that was in the same location last year. There will be more interactive parts than last year.