Guild Wars 2 Teaser Trailer

The grounds are starting to rumble as NCsoft and ArenaNet bring us the Guild Wars 2 teases we've been waiting for. First we got confirmation that the project is still fully underway, second, some incredibly beautiful concept art, and now straight from GAMESCOM in Cologne, Germany, we have the trailer, just under 5 minutes long!

The few glimpses of concept art was just the beginning -- the trailer boasts stunningly gorgeous concept art that words simply can't describe. And from the look of things, GW2 is shaping up to be the sequel we've been wishing for. A vast amount of environments that not only look beautiful but bring such variation. No two places look alike. Though there isn't any gameplay, you do get some hints as to what the actual game will look like. The characters -- allies and foes alike -- bring just as much diversity as the environment. Let's just say, it seems like they are on the right track. So without further delay, here's the trailer...you HAVE to see it for yourself. Welcome back to Tyria!


FaS said...

OMFG, SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES ANIME AND GW?!?!?!?!??!?! WOWWW!!! Hey, add me bro! I'm "glen cocoe" and I play a sin. I also have a site you can check out too. Nice post dude ;D

Sabira said...

Very Awesome!!! I don't know too many anime/GW loving fans. In case you log on before me, feel free to add me. I'm "Gin Sorano" - necro/warrior.

You've got a cool site too, thanks!

Ismael said...

....lol you guys..
Cool trailer!! I love how i learn about new game coming up, on your blog..