xxxHOLIC: AnotherHOLIC

NISIOISIN, author of "Death Note: Another Note," gives us his take on a popular CLAMP title with his spin-off novel entitled "xxxHOLIC: Another Holic - Landolt-ing Aerosol." The novel is divided into three parts - outerholic, underholic and afterholic, and though these three stories can be taken as separate entities, NISIOISIN does a nice job tying all three into one underlying theme -- the Eye World Theory.

xxxHOLIC follows a high school student named Kimihiro Watanuki, who has quite a special ability that, well, he isn't too fond of. With eyes that can see spirits, Watanuki has always wished to be rid of this curse/gift, especially since spirits seemed to be attracte to him.

Enter the shop that grants wishes.

Shop owner Yuko Ichihara is a cruel and cunning character. And the main premise to her shop is granting wishes as long as one paid a reasonable price. Watanuki's prices is servitude to Yuko. But rather than concentrate too much on their relationship and what becomes of Watanuki, "Another Holic" delves into the philosophies of the human mind and behavior -- from a woman unable to accept happiness, to the power of self that lies not within ourselves but through others. It's amazing how as you read through the novel (which by the way has a beautiful cover), the clearer and more profound the take-home message becomes. So it seems only befitting that I end with it:
There are a great many strange things in the world.
But no matter how odd...
How incredible something may be...
If a human does not touch it...
If a human does not see it...
If a human is not involved with it...
It is simply a phenomenon.
Simply a matter that will fade with time.
Homo sapiens.
Humans are the most profoundly mysterious living things in the world!

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