Vampire Hunter D: Volume 11 Parts One and Two - Pale Fallen Angel

Hideyuki Kikuchi continues to outshine the only person that can truly compete with him -- that is, himself. "Pale Fallen Angel" is an epic saga streaming over four parts, with volume 11 containing the first half of the tale. This specific story has everything we love about the world of D, all jam-packed into one neat parcel.

Equally riveting, detailed, and groundbreaking, "Pale Fallen Angel" brings D in a one-of-a-kind situation -- ensuring the safety of a member of the vampire Nobility, Baron Byron Balazs, who is out to take the life of his father, Lord Vlad Balazs. The movement and interactivityof the wicked duo of D and Baron is awe-inspiring. For the first time we see D "aiding" a noble (of course one that is out to kill another noble). This alluring duo is sure to attrack attention as they continually encounter waves of attacks. The enemies in it of themselves are powerful and interesting.

If you've ever doubted the genius that is Kikuchi, prepare to become addicted to Vampire Hunter D. The last half of their journey continues in the next volume.

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