Otaku Gari

Akihabara has long time been a haven for otaku universally -- nerd heaven, if you will. However, this year alone, there have been an exponential increase in Otaku Gari (or Otaku hunting) where otaku's are hunted and robbed of their posessions. The growing international popularity of Akiba is largely to blame for this, as more people aim to buy and sell for higher prices in their homeland.

Akiba continues to be a hotspot for crime and just recently, a brother and sister were caught hunting. Their tactic? She would bump into the target and the brother would demand the "dork" to hand over "apology money." Once the otaku gari duo were apprehended, they confessed that "otaku are weak, and they've got big money, so we went after them." Foreign scroungers are taking over our beloved haven. It's time for us otakus to show 'em what we're made of! Let our hidden abilities surface from all those years of training... (^_^)

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