Akiba Fest 2007

Virginia's very own anime store, Anime FX, continues their annual tradition of Akiba Fest today. This year's Akiba Fest J-pop Summer Bash, the interactive concert experience, will feature performances from Yoko Ishida & FICE. It was several years ago when I first picked up Yoko Ishida's CD. She definitely represents the J-pop scene and was one of the first artists to have a main stronghold in the US. This will be FICE's first time in America, and Akiba Fest is a great place to introduce fans to the visual kei part of japanese music. The J-pop duo is much like another duo, Funny Stones, who performed at last year's Katuscon in DC. Suffice it to say, FICE's performance should be electrifying. Other events surround the main concert -- merchants, contests, and other activities.

Doors will open tonight at 4:30 at the Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield, VA. Tickets will be available at the door, if you don't have yours on hand yet. For more information, check out the official Akiba Fest site.

The Akiba Fest Halloween Ball, October 27th, will feature Salia, from Unicorn Table and Psychic Lover. Salia is best known for her work on "Jinki Extend," "Vandread," and "Cutey Honey." And having met Salia before, I can tell you that her performance won't disappoint.

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