"Glimpse" of Silent Hill 5

An extremely brief "glimpse," if it can even be called that, of "Silent Hill 5" was shown at E3 this year. The trailer consisted of a somewhat familiar red symbol and a mediocre voice over for 55 seconds. That's it. The trailer as it stands seems to only serve as an announcement that, yes, SH5 is in development.
"Silent Hill 5" marks the debut of the psychlogical horror series that needs no introduction on the next-gen consoles. You play as Alex Shepherd, a war veteran returning home from overseas. While investigating the disappearance of his brother, Joshua, Alex finally finds himself in the fog shrouded empty streets of Silent Hill.
I am looking forward to everything I love about SH...orginal plot, storyline and characters and a haunting score provided by the one and only Akira Yamaoka. Surprisingly enough, the voice acting for Alex is awful in my opinion. I've never had any issues with the voice acting before. I just hope it gets resolved or another option is made (i.e. Japanese track). A 2008 date has been announced, but I highly doubt it'll happen by then. So much as I want this game to come out ASAP, I wouldn't want a rush job, especially for a game like "Silent Hill."

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Médina said...

excitement! ...i didn't know a fifth one was coming out!!!