X Japan Revival

Yoshiki has been one busy guy. After the announcements of the super group SKIN to perform at Anime Expo and the appearance of Yoshiki himself at Japan Expo, big news has arisen revolving around the infamous band, X Japan. The one that literally started it all and the only group that we can say with confidence is THE J-Rock God, world-wide, is reforming. Disbanded in 1997, hopes of the reformation of X were dwindling and after one decade, X is back.

Their sound and aura still remains unique and untouched after all these years. What's more, X Japan will have a live concert in December 2007 in none other than Los Angeles. The West Coast seems to have all the fun. Looks like I probably just need to relocate and ditch the East Coast. The final live was one hell of a concert and you can bet the comeback will be just as wild.

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