Rogue Galaxy

We've been waiting for "Dark Cloud (Chronicle) 3" to come out for quite some time now. To say the least, it's been fairly quiet and as far as I know, no official word has been made since 2004. Nevertheless, Level 5 games (who also brought us "Dragon Quest VIII") has come up with a space-pirate themed RPG for the PS2 that may temporarily settle some anxiousness for another great RPG from the Dark Cloud series.

"Rogue Galaxy" has the design and real-time gameplay down to an art. However, "Rogue Galaxy" most definitely does not bring us a cutting edge story or even deep character development, both crucial elements, especially in RPGs. It's amazing though, if you think about the seemingly limitless number of CG sequences that have been put in the game providing ample opportunities for a great story.

But when all is said and done, "Rogue Galaxy" is sure to please longtime RPG fans, especially while we wait for FF, KH, and the like. PS3's only RPG game, "Enchanted Arms" could learn a couple of things from the PS2 game.

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