Resistance: Fall of Man

There are plenty of reviews out there for PS3's "Resistance: Fall of Man," part of the opening lineup of games, and almost all of them say the same thing: "Resistance" is hot, hot, hot! At first glance, "Resistance" looks to be a regular first-person shooter simply with better graphics. You could even compare it to "Call of Duty" or "Socom." But underneath the surface of it all, lies a world that's totally different. I won't go into much detail since there's a ton of info. out there. In my attempts to avoid too much redundancy, here's the gist:

It's 1951 and Europe has been run over by an alien life form, Chimera. As Sergeant Nathan Hale, we join the British in battle. The storyline is probably the only thing that's lacking, only because all the other aspects are simply beyond belief.

One of the greatest facets of the game is its multiplayer online capabilities. It is absolutely incredible. The ease of joining a game with 8, 14 or even 40 people with no lag time, definitely gives "Resistance" an edge of its own. Your game stats are recorded as you gain rank, ribbons, EXP, etc. A game on its own, I find myself playing online for hours on end almost everyday.

I try to avoid games such as these, because they are extremely addictive..that's why I stay away from "Warcraft." But "Resistance" is in layman's terms, simply hard to resist. I have no regrets for picking this up, and you won't either.

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Gendo said...

Warcraft? World of Warcraft?!! C'est le Diable en personne! L'outil du Malin pour annihiler le monde! Ne touchez pas à ce jeu, votre vie sociale en dépend! Bon, humm, moi je retourne jouer à "Burning Crusade"...de toute façon, ma vie est DEJA foutue alors...pffiou, saleté de jeu! ;-)