Rebuild of Evangelion

News of a new Evangelion movie has been confirmed. You might assume that I would be jumping up and down, but this girl is a bit uneasy. Let me explain.

Gainax is set to produce a series of FOUR new EVA motion pictures. These movies will be an alternate re-telling of the television series. In summation, they seek to dumb down the series to be more accessible and comprehensible to average viewers and those not familiar with the original series. I love Evangelion and would not change one single frame. The story and characters are compelling and the thought that the story will actually change bothers me. I would love it if it were something new, rather than a revision. I could simply not watch these new movies, but their mere existence ensures that I will be watching it.

They say, "More comprehensible...to average viewers...and those who aren't familiar." I say, this series is deep and is not meant for the "average" viewer. I don't mean to seclude others from watching this masterpiece, but some things are meant to be the way they were originally.

I won't say anything further until I've actually seen them. I wish I could say that if it's more Evangelion, bring it on. I don't want the essence of EVA to be jeopardized. Evangelion, to me, represents the culmination of anime and I pray that it won't crumble.

The first movie is set to be released next summer in Japan. Full details will be available in the upcoming October 2006 issue of Newtype Japan.

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