Nobuo Uematsu + EARTHBOUND to perform at MAGFest X

I am super stoked to announce that the all powerful master of music Nobuo Uematsu and his new band EARTHBOUND PAPAS will be attending as guests and performing at MAGFest X!!! This is HUGE news and as a long supporter and attendee of MAGFest, I couldn't be happier!

Best known for creating the sound tracks for almost all of the Final Fantasy series, Uematsu created his new band, EARTHBOUND PAPAS, after his former group (The Black Mages) disbanded. Several former members of The Black Mages join EARTHBOUND PAPAS. Together, they are:

  • Nobuo Uematsu: Keyboards (Composer for most of the Final Fantasy Series)
  • Michio Okamiya: Guitar (Performer/arranger on several Square Enix soundtracks, and former Black Mages member)
  • Yoshitaka Hirota: Bass (Shadow Hearts trilogy composer)
  • Tsutomu Narita: Keyboards and Guitar (Composer for UnchainBlades ReXX)
  • Arata Hanyuda: Drums (Performer on the More Friends, and Final Fantasy III (DS) albums, and former Black Mages member)

Since we overgrew our regular location, the 10th MAGFest, celebrating music and gaming, will take place at its new location at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center, January 5-8, 2012!

If you haven't already, be sure to register NOW!

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