ACII Ezio Auditore 1/6 Masterpiece Figure

Honk Kong company Hot Toys boasts an incredible figure that will have every Assassin's Creed fan swooning. In the past, we've been stuck with few choices to show off our AC love, but seems our patience has paid off. Based on the Assassin's Creed II video game, Hot Toys presents a 1/6th scale figure of our very own Ezio Auditore. As part of their VideoGame Masterpiece Series, Ezio is seductively fully poseable and highly detailed from head to toe, from his eyes to his costume to his weapons.

Approximately 30 cm tall, with over 30 points of articulations (sigh), Ezio comes with his fair share of accessories including:

- 3 pieces of interchangeable posing palms
- Real-like hair sculpture with detachable ponytail
- Complete costume (white version)
- Slew of weapons: a long sword, short sword, 2 hidden blades inside forearm gauntlets, and 6 throwing daggers
- Necklace and figure stand with Ezio nameplate

Specially hand-painted, with an incredibly insane amount of detail, you can bet Ezio will carry a hefty price. No specifics yet, but the figure will be released later this year.

*shuffles frantically to rearrange her budget*

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