God of War III Ultimate Edition Revealed

I knew to expect something spectacular for the "God of War III" Ultimate Edition, but consider me completely taken by surprise. The Ultimate Edition has got it all for GOW fans and what better way to see off the final chapter of the GOW trilogy. The ghost of Sparta is back and he bringeth us gifts from the Gods. Enter the Ultimate Edition...

Along with the game, and an artbook that's sure to please, fans will also get a nice helping of exclusive digital content including: God of War Combat Arena containing an exclusive environment and seven challenges; Premium Dominus Kratos skin; Full-length movie documentary called "God of War: Unearthing the Legend;" The GOW trilogy soundtrack; and the GOW: Blood and Metal EP - a heavy metal homage.

And for the "piece de resistance," all this comes in your very own high-end sculpted Pandora's box. And if you pre-order from Amazon now, you get access to the E3 2009 demo and well as an in-game Apollo Skin. The Ultimate Edition is due out March 16th and is retailed at $100.

So do you dare open Pandora's Box?

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